Other Services

  • On-Site Welding Repairs
  • On-Site Line Boring
  • General Engineering
  • General Fabrication

Hydraulic Cylinders

Repairs on all Hydraulic Cylinders.
Refurbishing on all Hydraulic Cylinders.
Manufacturing on all Hydraulic Cylinders.

We have a wide variety of HiTech, Volvo, CAT, Sumintomo, Bell, Komatsu, Kawazaki and Liebherr Cylinders on Exchange. 

Track Tensioners

We refurbish and repair these components to OEM specifications, with new springs if necessary.

Dipper & Booms

We repair cracks, broken off ears and hoses
We also sandblast and stress relief componnets after major repairs, like lifting new plates, etc. 


We manufacture complete new buckets, minor and major repairs for instance new cutting edges, leading edges, wears trips hanger brackets and line boring off bucket holes.

Bushes & Pins

We manufacture harden and ground pins and bushes to OEM specifications. 

A Frames

Straightening on A-frames, weld, line bore and machine damaged bearing areas and also replacement of badly worn bearing hoses.  

H Frames

We weld and line bore all kind of H-frames, back to standard OEM specifications. We also manufacture and fit bushes all to OEM specifications. In some cases we also remove the old torque tube and fit new ones. We also weld and machine badly worn faces with facing attachments tool on site and in-house. 

Other Services

On-Site Line Boring

We do on site line boring both local and cross border. We have fully equipped quantum vans and both are fitted with generators enabling us to work almost anywhere. 

On-Site Welding and Repairs

We got a Lincoln welding, gauging and generator combination machine that allow us to gauge and weld on site, with the correct amps and penetration. required to do proper repairs on site.

General Engineering and Fabrication

We have skilled artist on all our machines that allow us to do almost any fabrication and general engineering that the customer may require.